Monthly Archives: April 2015

Your Essential Guide to Staying Healthy

Staying healthy is one of the most personal aspects of human life. You are solely responsible for the care, upkeep, and maintenance of your body. Your doctor is here to help and advise you, but the long journey to health starts and ends with you. Although regular checkups and working in partnership with your physician is key, you are the one who is with you on a daily basis, making choices, establishing patterns.

Each day, we decide how healthy we want to be with our actions, and sometimes our inactions. When we eat food, we are making a choice. When we exercise, we are making a choice. When we take vitamins or supplements, we are making a choice.

There are many aspects of being healthy, and there are many choices we can make that will ultimately decide how healthy we are. Over the last few years, I have published a wealth of information on many different aspects of health. This month, I am putting together a guide, taking the essential information you need in different areas of wellness in order to help you make the best and healthiest decisions for yourself and your family. Below, there are sections about general aspects of health, and specific tips from some of my past posts for each.

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