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Keeping Stocked: The Best Things to Keep In Your Medicine Cabinet

Springtime is here, and with it comes a good dose of cleaning for medicine cabinetmany people. As we reorganize and clean our homes, one thing that can go forgotten is the medicine cabinet. We do our best to keep a good stock of all the medical items we may need if we feel sick or are injured. Sometimes, however, you don’t always know that what you’re buying is the best. Which things should you have on hand? Furthermore, how often do we actually have to clear out old and unused medicines?

First of all, I’m going to go through the essentials of any well-rounded home medicine cabinet and suggest the best items for three major categories: First Aid for Emergencies, Pain Relievers & Common Ailments.

Of course you will want to consult your doctor or get to an emergency room if any of your symptoms are questionable or last longer than normal. But for those occasions where symptoms do not require professional medical attention, a prepared medicine cabinet can bring welcome relief and reduce discomfort.

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