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The Healing Power of Music

Sometimes the right song can make you feel great. Healing Power Of MusicA happy song can pump you up on your way to work, a sad song can help you cope with a tragedy in your life. A funny song can make you laugh, and a thoughtful song can get you thinking.

Being able to listen to music is one of the best things about being a human being. It sounds almost unbelieveable that simply by observing patters in the air moving around, your brain can process this information and interpret art, feeling, and emotion.

What’s also unbelieveable is the way in which music has real, documented, power to heal the mind and body. A few weeks ago I shared a Facebook post that describes music as the “the other non-addictive, mood-altering, non-substance.” It’s all true!

By the way, the “other” mood-improving, non-substance is meditation. Click here to read my post on reducing stress through meditation

Music has effects on different areas of the brain, and each plays a role in your experience of it. Check it out! Continue reading