Monthly Archives: November 2015

Packing a Healthy Lunch for You and Your Children

With November beginning, we are in the full swing of fall. That means school and work getting busier. Sometimes it’s easy to forget about the simple things in the movement of your day. One of those things could easily be lunch! But lunch is incredibly important to feeling good and performing throughout your day.

It’s not easy to make lunches that are both tasty healthy lunch 01and healthy. It can be tempting to throw some snacks together, but taking just a couple of minutes and doing some planning can help improve your daily lunch. Brining a nice healthy lunch to work can also save you a lot of money! If you have children, they are counting on you to provide lunch as well, and building healthy habits starts with healthy lunches.

This month, we will first dive in to some general tips on creating healthy lunches. Then we’ll go over some yummy recipes you can try for yourself and pack for your kids!

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