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Raising Healthy Children

Every parent wants their child to grow up and be healthy. Teaching healthy habits is a real challenge in our society, but it is doable. It all starts with you.        

Let’s face it: keeping healthy in America requires willpower. Raising Healthy ChildrenWe are constantly bombarded by advertisements for tempting, unhealthy and processed food. Just like kids learn that the other gender has cooties, they hear that vegetables are gross (poor broccoli gets a bad rap on the playground!) While at the same time, increased use of computers, TVs, tablets, iPhones, and other electronics tempt us to stay inside and binge-watch instead of getting outside and getting active.

If we want our children to lead happy, healthy lives, we as parents need to do a good job of breaking through these temptations and showing them the value of healthy living. It doesn’t have to be done from a soap-box lecture or from a ban on junk food however. We can take small steps that will help teach our kids (and remind ourselves along the way) how we can keep our bodies and minds working at their best by living a healthy lifestyle. This month, we’ll take a look at how we can encourage good eating habits, positive physical activity, and how we can lead by example.

Some great tips on raising healthy children from WebMD

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