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Comparing the Health Benefits of Milk and Its Alternatives

Discussing Dairy Milk

Milk is something that pretty much every kid in the US grows up drinking. Whether it’s at school or at home, milk is usually a prevalent part of childhood. This leads into adulthood too. Most commonly, adults drink milk in their coffee, or use it as a cooking and baking ingredient. Plenty of adults drink milk straight out of a glass too!

milkSince we grew up drinking milk, we know all about the health benefits. Calcium is a big one. It’s easy for us to remember hearing about how milk builds strong bones from all of those “Got Milk?” ads. We know that milk is a pretty good source of vitamin D and vitamin K as well. Milk also has a fair amount of protein in it, which is always important for your diet.

I imagine you’ve also heard about some downsides of milk, especially whole milk. Most of it comes from the fat in milk. Milk also has a high amount of naturally occurring sugar, and has the potential to be filled with hormones and other substances if you don’t buy organic. Buying skim milk will cut out the fat from your milk but won’t reduce out the natural sugar or hormones.

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