Healthy Traveling – Staying Healthy While Traveling

Hello and Happy April! This month I’m going to focus on ways we healthy travelingcan keep our healthy balance while traveling. Whether you’re flying somewhere exotic, taking a business road trip, a weekend retreat or a cruise, it’s easy for us to lose our balance. This is because we are out of our normal routine, and won’t have access to the things we are most used to that keep us comfortable, like having healthy food in the pantry, or a bed we are used to, or our sleeping schedule may be disrupted.

These disruptions can cause adverse reactions in our body. We can take a few measures to keep our bodies happy when we travel as much as possible. Let’s address a few of these:

Keeping up your immune system

Being exposed to new types of germs increases our risk of catching a cold or worse. Furthermore, disrupting our normal schedule may make it harder for our body to fight infection.

Washing your hands regularly is the best thing you can do. Do it as often as you can. Bring some hand sanitizer with you for when you can’t get to a bathroom. This is the simplest and easiest way to reduce the risk of catching something while traveling.

Hydration is also important to immune function. Drink lots of water. Bottled water is your best option if you are traveling somewhere that the tap water might be suspect. Using Vitamin C tablets in your water once a day can also be beneficial in keeping your immune system going through the disruption of travel.

Proper Nutrition is essential to immune health as well. We will go into some tips for keeping your body nourished below:

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Keeping well nourished

When traveling we don’t have access to our regular healthy travelingmeans of eating healthy. We might have to eat at a lot of restaurants or live off of snacks for a little while. This is OK.

Don’t worry as much about calorie count when you’re traveling. That’s not to say you should go and eat endless bags of Cheetos, or not give a second thought to a giant cheeseburger. We just need to acknowledge that getting a good mix of nutrients is the most important thing to keeping our body and mind in the best shape possible while traveling.

Focus more on eating whole foods and get a correct balance of carbs, vegetables and fruits, proteins, and fats. If you’re relying on snack foods, try some trail mix and fruit! If you’re eating out, a salad with some protein on top like salmon or chicken will work wonderfully. Just think about getting good, nutritious foods, and not eating totally empty calories, without focusing on the calories themselves.

Keeping your body moving

We can easily get out of our exercise routine while traveling. This is also OK. We just need to find simple ways to keep our body moving. We don’t need to be as vigorous as we normally would be at home, but we do need to get some form of exercise every day.

Here is some more good advice on keeping healthy and active while traveling

healthy traveling 03Taking long walks is a great way to do this. By taking walks, you can also better absorb the sights and environment in which you are traveling. This will help burn some calories and will keep your blood flowing properly, circulating health throughout the body! Why not enjoy the sights with a good walk?

Stretch out your muscles in the morning when you wake up. Keeping limber is especially important when you have long flights or car trips. If you have to sit for long periods to time, flex those leg muscles, and get up and stretch when you can.

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If you’re on a cruise or in a hotel, you might have a fitness center at your disposal. Why not use it? Getting a workout in will help you feel great all day long. Why not look and feel your best on your trip?

Planning Ahead to Keep Healthy

The best way to ensure that you can feel good and stay healthy while healthy traveling 04you’re traveling is to plan ahead. With a little foresight, you can make sure you have what you need to fight off germs, like hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes. You can have immune boosters like vitamin C tablets, and fruits at your disposal.

Planning out some meals at restaurants you might visit is a great idea. Or just taking the time to pack yourself healthy foods ahead of time might be your best bet. Bring lots of water! Hydration is always key.

Finally, you can make sure your hotel has a fitness center, or at least that where you’re staying has some nice, walkable areas to check out. Plan for fitness and fun! Keeping all of these factors in mind will ensure your best trip possible.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy April all your healthy traveling plans,

Dr. Johnson