Safe Summer Sun – Protect Your Skin

Summer time is here, and along with the fun of the season, comes strong, and possibly damaging rays of summer sun Enjoy safe Summer sun. Having a nice tan feels good, but it’s extremely important to take care of your skin, especially in the hot, summer months. Working in Aesthetic Medicine, I see firsthand just what kind of damage the sun can do to your skin over a long period of time.

It is well documented that overexposure to the sun’s powerful rays can cause skin cancer, but what are the other effects of the sun?

  • Pre-cancerous and cancerous skin lesions – caused by loss of the skin’s immune function
  • Benign tumors
  • Fine and coarse wrinkles
  • Freckles
  • Discolored areas of the skin, called mottled pigmentation
  • Sallowness — a yellow discoloration of the skin
  • The dilation of small blood vessels under the skin
  • The destruction of the elastic and collagen tissue (causing lines and wrinkles)

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So How Can I Protect My Skin?


Sometimes the best solution is the simplest one. It may seem obvious, but wearing sun block is the best way to protect your skin. There is no other magic solution, so make sure to apply to all skin areas exposed to sun light before going out for a long period of time. SPF 30 is the minimum level of protection you will need against the sun’s rays.

You can read WebMD’s list of the best sun block from Consumer Reports May 2014 study. 

What If I Already Have Sun Damage?

There are a wide variety of treatment options for sun damaged skin. You can find treatment ranging from bottles of creams and lotions, to surgical procedures. I help my patients with their sun damaged skin by performing a chemical peel.safesummer03

A chemical peel allows for the removal of damaged skin, leaving room for newer, healthier skin to grow and shine. If you skin has been damaged by the sun, a chemical peel may be a great option for you too.

I even love to do chemical peel parties, where you can invite your friends for a personalized peel right at home!

You can read more about chemicals peels and how I perform them in an earlier post. I am offering a special Half Price on peels during July. Schedule an appointment.

I hope everyone will remember just how strong the sun’s rays this summer. Remember that sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher, and keep yourself out of the sun if you feel your skin start to burn. Taking care of your skin is extremely important, especially as we grow older.

Thanks for reading and best wishes for a happy and healthy life,

Dr. Johnson